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Welcome to Professional Relief Organisation

We help hundreds of people to get their needs fulfilled

Professional Relief is a welfare organisation; its main ambition is to deliver services to deprived communities at their door steps. Professional Relief Organisation (PRO) registered charity (DO-SW-RYK- 65) in Pakistan and UK ( Charity reg. No. 1155319) is working in collaboration with All Pakistan Nurses Association United Kingdom (APNA-UK) to help Nurses and other paramedical staff to combat Infection and involve the community to tackle health problems in rural areas in Pakistan.

Our Main Activities

  • PRO is successively running free Ambulance Services since 2010 to transport sick patients from villages to district hospitals. Our foremost aim is to provide services to pregnant women, children and elderly who are vulnerable and neglected by society.
  • Free Medical Camps are our success to prevent Heart attack and Cerebrovascular accidents (VA) by screening high risk patients and referring them to specialist practitioners.Thalassaemia & Hepatitis A,B,C & E awareness programs which are the main target in rural areas. Free test for Haemoglobin Electrophoresis for Thalassemia patients from ABMT & KITCC.
  • Distribution of Clothes, Shoes & one month of all necessary Food (Rashan Pack) among deserving families during the month of Ramadan and Eid every Year. It is distributed in over 500 families every year in different areas of Pakistan. Which keeps on increasing every year. The main purpose is to show brotherhood and share happiness with poor people living in rural areas.
  • On the event of Eid-ul-Azha, PRO arrange qurbani of Cows and Goats every year for poor communities to celebrate such a big event with deserving families.
  • Provision of free Hand Pumps in rural & affected areas on different pathways and in houses of poor people to provide them water at their houses because in many rural areas men and women bring water from distant places for their use at home. There are over 200 hand pumps installed in such places for the ease of poor people living in rural areas.
  • Installation of filtration water Plants in different areas where tap water is not drinkable and contains high TDS. There are a total of 11 filtration water plants installed in different areas which have capacity to provide clean water to 100 families every day.
  • Provision and Installation of Tubewell to poor and small farmers in such areas where they have no access to canal water for their crops. All farmers in that area are allowed to use the tube well at their own fuel any time. There are 15 tube wells installed till now.
  • Skills development is very important to empower women to support their families. There are 16 sewing centres that are started in such places where many women spend most of their time without doing any work at home. The Trained ladies were engaged in this project who taught stitching and cutting of dresses with different patterns to the women for 6 months. After completion of learning time one sewing machine is awarded to the learner to start working from their home. Over 100 ladies are trained altogether in all centres till now and they are very happy with these skills and helping their families.

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